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Kayaking Vacation in WV

Ever wanted to kayak like the paddler pictured above, but don't know where to start? Well you can start by contacting us at (304) 860-7155 & 7154 and getting involved in kayak instruction school. During our kayaking lesson, you will aquire safety, kayak paddling technique, river running skills, water reading techniques, and also learn to roll a kayak. If you're already an experienced paddler, we'll show you the best routes and play spots! Whether it is your first time or not, we tailor your instruction based on your skill level. So come experience a kayaking vacation like no other here in southern West Virginia
Call (304) 860-7155 & 7154for more information or to plan your vacation.

AAA can design the trip that's right for you. Call (304) 860-7155 & 7154 and we'll be happy to help you out!

West Virginia kaykaing and river related articles from T.O.A.D. (Travel Outdoor Adventure Destinations Newspaper)

Spring Break Alternatives
by Cynlos Ruiz

A World Of Adventure in One Place
by Carlos Stewar

Classification of Rapids

Scouting the Rapids: West Virginia's Commercial Whitewater Industry

Summary of Resource and Social Indicators on the Gauley, New, Cheat, Shennandoah, and Tygart Valley Rivers in West Virginia

A Summary of Economic Impacts of Commercial Rafting in West Virginia

Injuries in Whitewater Rafting: 1998 Annual Report

BASE Jumping from the New River Gorge Bridge

Bridge Day
by Ben Crookshanks

Summersville Lake
by Ben Crookshanks

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